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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Recipes to Revisit: Appetizers

Spanakopita Bites Greek day at our sorority house is one of my favorites, but this recipe changes makes the ratio of filling to phyllo much higher, which sounds like anexcellent tweak to me.

Restaurant Salsa Just last night I went out for Mexican for dinner and I can’t get over how much better salsa is at a restaurant than from a jar. Plus, my food processor has been packed away for far too long. Plus, remember all the fresh tomatoes!? Too many things leaning in it’s favor, time for fresh salsa!

Mini Crabcakes I love crabcakes. While these don’t have all the things I look for in crabcakes (low on breading, high on crab, a little crispiness from veggies), they are pretty simple and look like they’d be excellent apps for a dinner party.

Drunken Salsa While the black peppers in this salsa freak me out just a little bit (I got chemical burns from jalapenos…), I’d be happy to make this salsa for company, but probably not myself.

Savory Eclairs with Creme Cheese and Fresh Herbs Love little sandwiches like this, might be from my NCL teas.


Recipes to Revisit: Desserts

Red Velvet Valentine Macarons I’ve made macarons a couple of times and they turned out surprisingly well despite the negative press they tend to get. They were a little frustrating, but their chewy sweetness is worth it if I’m having a moment of forgetfulness regarding the last time that I made them…

Cider-poached pears A non-alcoholic version of my adult soft pears

Pina Colada Smoothie I had my first (virgin) pina colada in 8th grade and fell in love. Now that I’m of age, I think a little coconut rum would be an excellent addition to this recipe, but on a hot day by the lake I’d take this either way.

Lots of cookie decorations! I like to think the houndstooth how-to is proof that God loves me.

Berry Charlottes I have a secret to share, my name’s not really Charlie, it’s Charlotte. I like things that share my name. I pestered my mom to buy me a Charlotte pan in high school but to no avail. Guess I’ll just have to stick with these minis.

Recipes to Revisit: Breakfast

Spiced Apple Cream Cheese Danish Bread Okay, I think my calorie limit for the day was passed just looking at the picture, but I might have to make it anyway. I can always have a little bite and leave the rest at the sorority house.. right? Will-power… not so much.

Swedish Coffee Bread Another not low-cal option, but it’s just so pretty! How can you say no to a breakfast with that cinnamon-y aroma and the word drizzle in the recipes. You can’t. Sorry.

Blood Orange Scones Every time I cut into a blood orange, I give a little sigh, because it never gets old. Each one is a different color and so incredibly beautiful. I don’t know that this recipe would be much impacted by using regular oranges in the off-season. Also, if you can tell me where to get sparkling sugar in the triangle area, I’ll make a batch of these for you.

Meyer Lemon Sweet Rolls So there was this guy I liked in high school who loved cinnamon buns, and thus I have an unfortunate number of those recipes saved. However, I love citrus-y icings and frostings so this recipe is much more me than him.

Swedish Tea Ring More of the same, but I just love breakfast breads!

Recipes to Revisit: Desserts

Peppermint Ice Cream I love peppermint ice cream at Christmas time, and seem to remember a punch recipe where a big portion of the flavor came from it. I’ll have to put finding that on my to-do list.

Coconut Butter Cookies These look nice and light, and would be perfect for serving on the side with tea.

Popcorn Bucket Cake This would be really cute for an awards night cake, or an awards night at the sorority house, or just movie night. I’m not a fan of fondant, so I’d probably only make the red stripes fondant with a white buttercream layer underneath, making the fondant a little easier to avoid.

Champagne Poached Pears Growing up we often had those canned pears that come in a can and let’s be honest… LOVED them. This is a little more grown up way for me to continue eating them.

Sweet Goat Cheese Souffles In my mind goat cheese and sweet don’t exactly go together, but I’m thinking it might be a little like cream cheese and sugar, and if that’s the case, yum. In any case the pictures look pretty scrumptious and make me think it’s definitely worth a try.

Recipes to Revisit: Desserts

Pumpkin Ice Cream We’ve been making lots of homemade ice cream this summer, with the new wooden 5 quart ice cream maker up at the lake, but I’m ready for some fall flavors to mix in!

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries I really don’t even know if you need a push to click this link… cheesecake + strawberries + chocolate? You’re still reading this?

Reindeer Gingerbread Men This link is all about the decoration Momma and I make 400-600 gingerbread men every year and always end up with leftover dough, and this seems like a festive way to change up the decoration. Added bonus: my brother hates deer and I’d love to make him a box. 🙂

Melted Snowman Cookies I know these are a little out of season, but how cute would they be for the first warm day of spring!

Pineapple Champagne Sorbet I love pineapple, I love sorbet, so this is pretty much the perfect light dessert for me. It also looks perfect if you just want a glass of champagne but don’t want to waste an entire bottle. (Leftover champagne is a rarity in a college apartment, but perhaps those of you of a more mature age group might actually use this tip).