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Recipes to Revisit: Desserts

Peppermint Ice Cream I love peppermint ice cream at Christmas time, and seem to remember a punch recipe where a big portion of the flavor came from it. I’ll have to put finding that on my to-do list.

Coconut Butter Cookies These look nice and light, and would be perfect for serving on the side with tea.

Popcorn Bucket Cake This would be really cute for an awards night cake, or an awards night at the sorority house, or just movie night. I’m not a fan of fondant, so I’d probably only make the red stripes fondant with a white buttercream layer underneath, making the fondant a little easier to avoid.

Champagne Poached Pears Growing up we often had those canned pears that come in a can and let’s be honest… LOVED them. This is a little more grown up way for me to continue eating them.

Sweet Goat Cheese Souffles In my mind goat cheese and sweet don’t exactly go together, but I’m thinking it might be a little like cream cheese and sugar, and if that’s the case, yum. In any case the pictures look pretty scrumptious and make me think it’s definitely worth a try.


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