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Recipes to Revisit: Desserts

Red Velvet Valentine Macarons I’ve made macarons a couple of times and they turned out surprisingly well despite the negative press they tend to get. They were a little frustrating, but their chewy sweetness is worth it if I’m having a moment of forgetfulness regarding the last time that I made them…

Cider-poached pears A non-alcoholic version of my adult soft pears

Pina Colada Smoothie I had my first (virgin) pina colada in 8th grade and fell in love. Now that I’m of age, I think a little coconut rum would be an excellent addition to this recipe, but on a hot day by the lake I’d take this either way.

Lots of cookie decorations! I like to think the houndstooth how-to is proof that God loves me.

Berry Charlottes I have a secret to share, my name’s not really Charlie, it’s Charlotte. I like things that share my name. I pestered my mom to buy me a Charlotte pan in high school but to no avail. Guess I’ll just have to stick with these minis.


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