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Recipes to Revisit: Appetizers

Spanakopita Bites Greek day at our sorority house is one of my favorites, but this recipe changes makes the ratio of filling to phyllo much higher, which sounds like anexcellent tweak to me.

Restaurant Salsa Just last night I went out for Mexican for dinner and I can’t get over how much better salsa is at a restaurant than from a jar. Plus, my food processor has been packed away for far too long. Plus, remember all the fresh tomatoes!? Too many things leaning in it’s favor, time for fresh salsa!

Mini Crabcakes I love crabcakes. While these don’t have all the things I look for in crabcakes (low on breading, high on crab, a little crispiness from veggies), they are pretty simple and look like they’d be excellent apps for a dinner party.

Drunken Salsa While the black peppers in this salsa freak me out just a little bit (I got chemical burns from jalapenos…), I’d be happy to make this salsa for company, but probably not myself.

Savory Eclairs with Creme Cheese and Fresh Herbs Love little sandwiches like this, might be from my NCL teas.