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Recipes to Revisit: Breakfast

Spiced Apple Cream Cheese Danish Bread Okay, I think my calorie limit for the day was passed just looking at the picture, but I might have to make it anyway. I can always have a little bite and leave the rest at the sorority house.. right? Will-power… not so much.

Swedish Coffee Bread Another not low-cal option, but it’s just so pretty! How can you say no to a breakfast with that cinnamon-y aroma and the word drizzle in the recipes. You can’t. Sorry.

Blood Orange Scones Every time I cut into a blood orange, I give a little sigh, because it never gets old. Each one is a different color and so incredibly beautiful. I don’t know that this recipe would be much impacted by using regular oranges in the off-season. Also, if you can tell me where to get sparkling sugar in the triangle area, I’ll make a batch of these for you.

Meyer Lemon Sweet Rolls So there was this guy I liked in high school who loved cinnamon buns, and thus I have an unfortunate number of those recipes saved. However, I love citrus-y icings and frostings so this recipe is much more me than him.

Swedish Tea Ring More of the same, but I just love breakfast breads!